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Tamagotchi are back—and they're here to stay


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My Tamagotchi Forever is the official Android adaptation for the popular Tamagotchi consoles of the 90s. It runs just as well as you might imagine on your smartphone, proving a successful migration onto Android. Your objective is (as always) to keep your little friend alive for as long as possible by providing it with food, love and care.

You'll need to feed, play, bathe and put it to bed in order to properly care for your Tamagotchi. But, that's much easier said than done. For instance, you'll have a dozen different kinds of food to offer it, but your little friend doesn't like any old kind of meal. Each Tamagotchi has its own distinct taste for foods. Similarly, when playing the minigames within My Tamatgotchi Forever, you'll soon notice that your skills really are put to the test.

Plus, on top of all these little tasks, in My Tamagotchi Forever you personalize your little buddy. Not just by evolving it on to more advanced forms, but also by customizing it with clothes and accessories you can purchase to express your style.

As you level up your Tamagotchis, you'll earn coins. From there, you get to unlock tons of new areas to play in like: a sea port, arcade, fountain, and much more. Of course, each new locale provides different activities for you and your Tamagotchi to do.

My Tamagotchi Forever is fun game. It follows along with the same line of other popular Tamagotchi-esque titles like Pou, My Talking Tom, etc. allowing players to adopt a virtual pet, caring for its every whim and watching it grow.
By Erika Okumura
My Tamagotchi Forever brings back the 90s phenomenon

The end of the 90s brought with it a most curious phenomenon, which would go on to have a major impact on electronic devices. Tamagotchi came in like a storm, and both kids and non kids alike were desperate to get their hands on one of these little eggs to create their virtual pet. 20 years later My Tamagotchi Forever has arrived. It's a new game for Android that turns your smartphone into a new home for virtual pets. You can now download the game free of charge from Uptodown without any region restrictions.
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Android 4.2 or higher required.

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